Rebirth Videos

I have collected this set of videos together to allow you to get a better idea of just what a past life is and to demonstate the power that these kinds of memories and trauma's can have over us when held unconciously inside our minds. My emphasis is always on the "Cathartic Healing" that can take place when these memories are realised and touched.

Past lives show the exquisite interconnection that there is between us all and developing a view of the world from this perspective naturally harmonises and brings us together. A perspective like this has the potential to take us all closer towards peace of mind. It can provide a natural direction to develop well. A perspective like this is also good for our world. It will make us much more careful with the way we treat it. A perspective like this is good to develop a belief in. It can take us in a direction of knowing ourselves and the universe deeply and with great sensitivity --- without any doubts. Understanding past lives helps develop the pathway to enlightenment.


Video No. 1.    Reincarnation: Four Australian women remember past lifes through Hypnosis, and verify the experience. This film is worth watching.

Video No. 2.    Young boy from USA has a memory of being a pilot shot down and killed. He is able to verify the memory. 

Video No. 3.    Glasgow boy remembers a verifyable life on a far off Scottish island.

Video No. 4.    Interview about Dr Ian Stevenson from the University of Virginia who successfully researched past lives scientifically over many years. He had over 2500 cases in his files

Video No. 5.    Dr. Jim Tucker MD, who worked with Dr. Ian Stevenson MD, talks about "Children Who Remember Past Lives".

Video No. 6.    Reincarnation: Children remember past lives. Stories from Sri Lanka and the UK.

Video No. 7.    Film: "Out of this World". Liz Howard uses hypnosis to clarify and then verify a dream of a life in Tudor England. 

Video No. 8.    A man has an American Civil War Memory.

Video No. 9.    Clusters of American Civil War Memories.

Video No. 10.   Jenny Cockell famously tells her story about her death and leaving a family of 7 children in Ireland. They are reunited. 

Video No. 11.   A US police captain investigates and tests his past life memories with facts.

Video No. 12.   First World War memories and a little boy is healed from the "Catharthis"

Video No. 13.   An interview with Michael Newton.

Video No. 14.   An introduction and interview with Dr Brian Weiss.



Video No 1.

Reincarnation - This video is a documentary on the past lives of four women that were discovered through hypnosis. I copied this film from free to air television back in the 80's. I found the film again on youtube, embedded in 11 parts that I have made accessable by clicking on each segment in turn. Start from the image and go through each segment in turn. You will not be dissappointed.


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Video No 2.

This next video is a story about a second world war pilot shot down and killed over Japan and reborn into a boy in the U.S.A. I find it a very compelling story. What do you think?

Click here for WW2 boy story


Video No 3.

This following video is the story of a Scottish boy who claimed he fell through a hole from a life on a far off island in Scotland to a new family in Glasgow. While some of the story is inconclusive, the parts that match up are quite remarkable. What is important for me is the catharthis that the boy recieved after he followed up his somewhat disturbing memories with his new family. The film is embedded in 5 parts.

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Video No 4.

Dr Ian Stevenson from the University of Virginia, is one of the few scientists in the world that have spent their life researching "past life" events in a scientific way. He is very credible. His work and his method is very sound. His most popular book "20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation" is very compelling. He has studied  thousands of cases from around the world. In this video, Philosophy professor Dr. Robert Almeder of Georgia State University discusses reincarnation and societal reactions, focusing especially on the work of the late Dr. Ian Stevenson, 7/24/2000.

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Video No 5.

Dr. Jim Tucker MD, who worked with Dr. Ian Stevenson MD talks about "Children Who Remember Past Lives".

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Video No 6.


Children remember past lives. Stories from Sri Lanka and the UK.

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Video No 7.

Reincarnation "Out of this World". This is a story of scientist Liz Howard who had a dream set in tudor England. The dream was not frightening but non the less it was haunting. On an outing one day she was astonished to find the house that was in her dream. When she looked at he house she knew something bad had happened in one of the rooms. She found a hypnotist who regressed her and found a quite remarkable story, much of which was verifyable. Liz remains a sceptic of past lives and the panel including Dr Lyle Watson and Dr susan Blackmore who discuss the film at the end, are simarly skeptical. I think it is quite a powerful film and shows that the intellect can sometimes dismiss something --- even if it is right under our noses, if it wants to. Non-the-less this film shows the very helpful effect of a Catharthis.

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Video No 8.

A man has an American Civil War Memory after he is drawn to a place in the South. Leaving aside whether or not it is a true life, the process and Catharthis is obviously important for the person involved.

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Video No 9.

More American Civil War memories and past lives. This film is interesting in that clusters of people appear to be involved.

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Video No 10.

This video film contains the story of Jenny Cockell who lives in Northamton in the UK. She remembers dying and leaving a large family in Ireland in the 1920's. She remembered her given name and the town of Malahide in Ireland and was able to roughly put her past life together.  She has subsequently been re-united with some of her children and reunited them. I read her book a few years ago and again found it quite compelling and I might say very heartwarming. She has been able to finish the unfinished business that was left in her mind. I am pleased to have found this film that contains her story. It is a good case.

There is also some more English Civil War memories and other stories that are good to know about. Once again the Catharsis that touching these memories brings about shows it is a very sane thing to do.

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I have included another film of Jenny Cockell made by another program. Its sound is not the best but non-the-less does tell her story quite well.          

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Video No 11.

This story is that of a Police Captain who was talked into having a hypnotic regression against his better belief. He revealed a story that he found he might be proved or disproved on the information he saw in the past life. There were testable or provable statements made under hypnosis, so using his Police detective skills, he went to work. He is now convinced he had a past life as a artist. 


Video No 12.

This clip from a BBC flim once again shows the power of Catharthis. A litte boy relates a past life story of being killed in the trenches of world war 1. The memory was obviously related to a worrying growth in his throat that was potentially cancerous. This along with many other symptoms left him after he touched the memory.  

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Video No 13.

The following series of 5 clips are from an interview with the hypnotist and author Michael Newton. The interview sets out his view of the world, as he takes us on his journey with his clients, their past lives and "life between lives". I have studied with teachers that teach the Michael Newton method and approach. From my perspective, this method of hypnosis and healing is a very good one. It does provide the "Cathartic Healing" that is there when people touch the trauma that is buried deeply within them. However having said this, my personal view of the cosmology that holds the Universe together still resonates much better with the traditional Buddhist approach. Everything, including any idea of a soul is impernanent and in the end we have to get past all of the conditioning that blinds us and takes us away from the peace of the present moment. I include Michaels interviews here however, because I do think he makes an important contribution to past life awarenes.

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Video No 14.

Dr Brian Wiess is a psychiatrist, who while working as Professor of the Department of Psychiatry at the Mt Sinai School of Medicine in Florida, found his life changed when he was trying to help a lady called Catherine work through some long standing problems and issues. The problems were proving to be very difficult when he decided to use Hypnosis with her. After a couple of starts that did not shed much light on anything, he decided to go back to her beginning in utero, but absentmindedly he suggested she go to the source of her problem. Her problem turned out to be a flood 4000 years ago where she drowned tragically while holding an infant child in her arms. Initially a sceptic of past lives, but because of the "Cathartic Healing" that took place, this episode started him on a research journey that has led to many famous books including "Many Lives Many Masters". I think Brian is a beautiful open man and I have had the wonderful opportunity to be in a group hypnosis session he conducted in Perth WA. In many ways Brian’s style of hypnosis is very similar to my own. He is a very respectful hypnotist and attends to his clients in a very gentle way. This first video will give you a good idea of what he is about.

Click here Intro Video 

The following is an series of clips with Dr Brian Weiss in an interview where the interviewer asks the questions in Portuguese. Brians answers however are very clear and they translate the questions very well. I am sure you will enjoy this interview.

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