Hypnosis can be a wonderful vehicle to illuminate unhelpful patterns or unconscious trouble that can sit unseen in our unconscious mind.

Hypnosis can access the subconscious mind and provide a release from the trouble that can grip us. It can also help to create new and helpful patterns of thinking and relating.

Dennis Sheppard has been a practicing hypnotist since 2004. His practice and technique has been informed from his long Buddhist Practice. The therapy he offers draws on this practice to help clients prepare their minds with emptiness and stillness that will provide a gateway for the deep subconscious mind to access past lives or past events that may be causing trouble. The clarity and insight that comes through this technique can bring about catharsis, healing and life changing results.

Three Basic Services offered

There are three basic types of service that Dennis offers. The first is a process he calls "Cathartic Healing". This service is good to develop insight and go on to deal with all types of troubles and worries arising both mentally or physically. The "Cathartic Healing" process takes about 3 hours and will generally deal with an issue inside that time frame. Dennis's aim is to not have repeat clients for Cathartic Healing, not at least for the same issue.

The second service that Dennis offers is "Stillness Healing". This service is more about mind development and practice to make your mind still and strong so it can deal effectively with issues by itself. It can be thought of as a fast track meditation practice. This service is designed to take 1 hour generally and I am open to have people return for top up's and deepening of this practice.

The third service that Dennis offers is what he calls a “Curiosity Session”. This is a session where a person can enjoy the experience of a hypnotic trance and if things go right, be able to get an insight into a past life. Dennis will tailor this type of session to your needs but it is by and large an exploration of your conditioning, to see what it is that makes you the person you are. The session is of course safe and treated respectfully. Instruction will be given to help you relax and let go into your unconscious mind. For most people the experience is like a dream of distant memory. A curiosity session will take around 1 to 1.5 hours. Sessions are recorded and you will have a CD to take home.     

Style of Hypnosis

The style of hypnosis that is offered by Dennis is gentle. It is not authoritive. Rather than attempt to dominate the sub conscious mind and force it to see and think in a different way, Dennis will work with your sub conscious mind with the confidence that it will know and realise what work you require it to do. He offers a respectful interaction with your subconscious that will not be too timid or too harsh. Dennis will allow your own subconscious to do the talking and open up at a pace that it needs to. This balanced process is a very powerful and solid form of therapy, that should stand the test of time.

It needs to be recognised that some people do need and actively seek out a more authorative approach. There are many hypnotherapists that practice very successfully this way, but you need to know that the style Dennis employs is not this way.

Cathartic Healing

Many of life’s addictions and trauma’s do have their roots in unresolved issues from past events and past lives. It can be quite astonishing to see how unresolved issues in this life can often be connected back into traumatic events from past lives and trouble. Often this trouble is just waiting for the necessary clarity to arise in order for us to let it all go. The subconscious mind can be harnessed to help bring about the necessary change or understanding.

This is work that each of us must do for ourselves, but Dennis may be able to help you by facilitating the process and help bring about this clarity and letting go.

After identifying what it is you would like to change or make different, and after induction into a deep hypnotic state, your subconscious mind will be employed to penetrate the blockages you are experiencing. This is done by first embracing the emotion that may be around the trouble and then gradually and gently identifying what it is. Dennis will guide you through this process respectfully and carefully. Your own subconscious mind will find the answers you require. All sessions are recorded and a copy of the recording given to you.

There can of course be no absolute guarantees, but if this writing resonates with you why not ring or Email for more information or arrange for an appointment and find out about the next step.

Cathartic Healing Scenario

The client will attend the garden clinic where Dennis practices his Hypnotherapy. The session starts with details and then pre-talk to prime the mind. You will have already have had some instruction on the phone to prepare a question, or set of questions setting out what it is you would like to change or understand. It is important to make these questions very precise without ambiguity. The more precise the question the more precise will be the answer and results that come.

After an induction into the deep subconscious, there will be a spell of stillness and rest. This prepares the subconscious for its task. The subconscious mind will then be asked to find the most appropriate scene in your mind to explain the trouble being experienced. Depending on how ingrained the problem is the subconscious will eventually tell its story around the problem. Sometimes the story cannot be told straight away because fear and trepidation can block the view and it cannot be seen. When the problem is deep seated and painful like this, great care and courage is required by both the client and the therapist to gently encourage the subconscious to open up and look at the trouble. The catharsis will happen when the problem is looked at accepted and let go. Your own subconscious mind will be encouraged to facilitate this process. The catharsis healing may happen over time following the session or in many cases it is finished with right away.

Stillness Healing

Stillness Healing flows from the stillness it is possible for the mind to experience. With a still mind, a proper perspective can be developed into all life’s troubles. When trouble and tension can be held in the framework of a still mind, it will unravel and thaw very naturally, leaving peace in its wake. All of the tension and trouble in the universe is subject to this universal modality.

In a session of stillness healing following on from any pre-talk around presenting problems and the initial induction, Dennis will encourage and help you to experience what stillness feels like, along with the blissful peace it can bring. You will receive subconscious suggestions on how to use this stillness when required for day to day troubles. You will also receive a post hypnotic suggestion so you can easily go to and access this stillness when you require. For more information Click here

Stillness Healing Scenario

The client will attend the garden clinic where Dennis practices his Hypnotherapy. The session starts with details and discussion about the pattern of trouble that the client would like to change. This discussion will prime the subconscious mind.

After an induction into a deep level of trance, the subconscious will be encouraged to be still and empty. Using suggestion and instruction the subconscious will be held in a relaxed and still state for most of the session. At appropriate times the troublesome pattern will be introduced into the stillness with encouragement to let it dissolve or change inside the stillness with its healing energy. Various metaphors may be used to introduce the trouble to the stillness. Towards the end of the session, a post hypnotic suggestion will be given for you to remember how to access the stillness at home or when you need to. The subtlety and power of the stillness should be very apparent for you, leaving a legacy of strong clarity and mindfulness after the session. Mindfulness and clarity can be encouraged to stay with practice.