Question 1. --- I am scared of hypnosis!

Question 2. --- Is there a "Code of Ethic"?

Question 3. --- Does peoples suggestibility differ – perhaps I cannot be hypnotised?

Question 4. --- I may lose control of myself!

Question 5. --- Is there any dangers with hypnosis?

Question 6. --- Will I see a past life?

Question 7. --- What is a past life?

Question 8. --- What if I do not remember my session fully?  





I am scared of hypnosis!

Hypnosis is a very simple technique that makes advantage of some naturally occurring features of the human condition. In reality, forms of hypnosis are ubiquitous in our community. Advertisers use techniques to tap into and capture our minds long enough to leave a message. Have you ever wondered why you buy a certain product? When we sit in front of the television, our brain is generally relaxed and resonating with alpha waves. In this state it is very easy to implant a message.

By way of comparison the hypnotist is attempting ease you into the next level of brain relaxation where so called theta waves are dominant in the brain. (This is a normal brain state for dreaming.)

All of our habits and behaviors our buying patterns and our cultural identities, have all been conditioned into us. The troubles we are trying to fix will to have been conditioned in the same way. The antidote is to make it transparent so we can see what we are holding on to.

Is there a code of ethics?

Yes – the Professional Hypnotists of Western Australia (PHWA) has a full code of ethics on display and downloadable on their web site. Click here for PHWA

The hypnotist needs to have proper and ethical intentions in the work that they do. There certainly needs to be a high level of respect and trust between hypnotist and client. Confidentiality also needs to be respected.

Does peoples suggestibility differ – perhaps I cannot be hypnotised?

Every one can be hypnotised. If you can go to sleep it should be possible to be hypnotised, however it is true that people's suggestibility varies. Some clients find it hard to allow their conscious mind to relax --- they are always on guard. Fear, anxiety or plain stubbornness can affect a person’s ability to be hypnotised. To overcome these problems the hypnotist uses a range of techniques to relax or distract the conscious mind to allow a session to proceed.

I may lose control of myself?

Speaking generally, I have never seen anyone do anything that they do not want to do in a hypnosis session. My understanding is that even the stage hypnotist’s antics with hypnotised subjects are consensual.

Most people do think that they are able to remember most things about a session, however this may be ambitious. A good hypnosis session will see a client demonstrating Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and the typical plastic look that indicates a standby stasis state of a trance. This indicates a strong theta brain state.

This state is analogous to that early morning half awake state where the mind is dreaming with both conscious and unconscious moments. If the dream is intense it may be possible to remember it for a while.

Hypnosis on the other hand is being directed by the hypnotist, so there can be a tendency for the process to be more conscious than a dream, but it remains true that some people remember lots and other people not so much.

Is there any dangers with hypnosis?

As already mentioned the hypnotist needs to have proper and ethical intentions, which is already set out in the “Code of Ethics” section. This code looks after all the obvious areas of danger for the client and the hypnotist. Beyond that it is important that the hypnotist is as sensitive as possible and confident with the words that he speaks to the subconscious mind, especially when it is unguarded, to ensure there is no misinterpretation. A good hypnotist will make sure the client is safe and is properly integrated and orientated at the sessions end. Hypnosis is as safe as any other interaction between human beings.

Will I see a past life?

Past lives can be seen by everyone with a mind to see one. There is no doubt that the more relaxed and focussed one is into the subconcious the better will be the results. I have found it is also helpful to have some sort of emotional connection to the past event that you are looking at. Then the memory will feel like a real memory. From the hypnotists perspective, watching and attending to a client --- you can tell when someone is experiencing something that is real to them. They are totally involved intellectually and emotionally. Sometimes the conscious mind will come back in and say "Hey whats going on?" The Hypnotist task is then to distract or pacify the concious mind so the sub-conciouss can shine through again. In the end, "the proof is in the pudding" when any Catharthis that flows from the event, balances and heals the person from the trouble. This fact would further indicate that the trauma or trouble that was being held on to, was something real for the person in question. This fact may be enough for you to prove it came from a past life, however some people may still have doubts. In an intellectual way this may then bring on the question of "What is a past life".

What is a past life?

This is a very slippery question! Personally I have a hard time trying to describe what a memory from this life is --- let alone a past life! I know that it is some sort of perception of an event that supposedly happened to me. Events from yesterday are pretty clear in my mind but as time goes on they become less clear until eventually I conciously forget about them. Some striking events are easy to recall and others are recalled when there is some sort of trigger that brings them up into my mind. With some of these triggered resposes I have forgotten how the response memory got there. This to, is still a memory of sorts.  For me, the intellectual excersise of trying to prove if a past life is real or not is a pointless excerise. If the practice works to balance us and bring more peace into our lives, it must be a good thing. At the very least, a belief in past lives will make us all much more sensitive and careful with the world we have now, especially if we believe we may be coming back into it! I am myself confident that this work will generally make us more compasssionate, loving, joyful and equanimous, so I for one believe it must be a very useful thing to practice with and believe in. Questions of what a belief is can wait for another day!

What if I do not remember my session fully?

All sessions with Dennis are recorded once the induction is finished. A Compact Disc copy of the session is given to every client.