Stillness Healing

A few years ago I started to think about the possibility of helping people who have never meditated before by providing a hypnosis session that would fast track and inculcate the benefits that meditation offers.  I know that some people find it very difficult to sit a formal practice, so I thought this direct pathway might help clients see and resonate with the stillness and wisdom it brings. Hypnosis uses the power of subconscious suggestion, so this new modality seemed to be a very natural extension for hypnotherapy. Giving instruction to the subconscious about stillness and then guiding it so it can help the conscious mind relax and be still, does seem to be effective.   

My clients have reported good results with “Stillness Healing and I do love to provide the sessions. 


A still mind is the highly prized result of a good and sustained meditation practice. There are no doubts about the benefits we reap when stillness is part of our lives. We naturally start seeing things from a better, more truthful perspective and naturally start to choose and develop pathways in life that bring us happiness and peace of mind. When stillness is noticed we are looking at the very heart of our being. It is naturally very close to the absolute truth of things and will reflect an aligned beauty that brings us joy and bliss. Stillness is everywhere. It is the foundation of everything we can notice. All the conditions of our mind have their genesis in stillness. Stillness is where things begin and where they end. It is where things are created and where they finish. It is pure consciousness itself. It is the space that forms and creates the conditions of our lives.


When we become involved or engrossed in the day to day conditions of our life the stillness seems to fade into the background. We become more interested in the creations that make the conditions that we are all involved in. Here I am referring to all the physical manifestations like our own identities and the objects that we need and use to live our lives. I am also referring to our emotional state and the accompanying emotional conditions that form in our minds. All these conditions naturally take centre stage to the point where we can learn to be unhealthily obsessed with them, causing the mind to spin and never have peace. It is this stress and the dis-ease following that brings about trouble. The demands we make on our minds can bring about all sorts of mental illness. 


When we become mentally unbalanced, the trouble that it brings will become very apparent and we will start to notice that we are not happy. We are becoming ill. We instinctually know that this negative energy is not good for us. This is usually the point when we start to look for help with whatever the problem is, that has been developing. This is where the stillness can help to heal and bring balance back into our lives. 


 “Stillness Healing” is the natural outcome of a good meditation practice. So ideally, with the scenario described above, one would start a mediation practice and retrain or recondition the mind to be more aware of its still centre. The stillness naturally heals and unravels tensions and trouble. If the meditation is done diligently and consistently it will eventually allow stillness to appear like a beacon. It resonates to bring calm and insight into the mind. Life’s perspective starts to swing around to allow us to naturally choose pathways of thinking and doing that are more in line with truth and peace. Happiness will naturally return along with large doses of contentment, joy and bliss. This stillness is developed not by attainment in meditation but in letting go. Letting go to experience and uncover the present moment. Then it is possible to develop and see the past and future in a beautiful and more sane way. 


For those people who need some help to understand and bring stillness into their mind, and for one reason or another, they cannot practice meditation as described; then hypnosis can be a very powerful tool to kick start the process. Working with a client who has been induced into a deep trance Dennis will work with the subconscious mind and help train it to notice the stillness that is present for every person. He will use post hypnotic instruction to allow the subconscious mind to bring this stillness into consciousness when it is required. Suggestions will be given into the subconscious mind to help it understand the process at hand. These suggestions will help develop the wisdom to understand the benefits of using this stillness as a prism through which to view life. The client will learn how to value the stillness and will naturally learn to introduce supporting structures for it to flourish in their lives. 


As a hypnotherapist Dennis is informed from his long years as a Buddhist meditation practitioner and teacher. He became a qualified hypnotherapist in 2005 and has been working with “stillness healing” for many years. The feedback from clients he has worked with has been very good. Stillness healing sessions can be tailored to suit a particular presenting problem. The sessions can be accommodated in one hour sessions; however the first session may need to be a bit longer.

If what you have read resonates with you and you feel you may benefit from a “stillness healing” session, why not contact Dennis for an appointment.  Details are on the Contact Page.